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We'll take care of all your auto repair needs: brakes, tires, oil changes, and everything in between. 

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About our company

Eksa Rzeszow garage has been operating for over a decade now with over thousands of automobile fixed and optimized for daily use. 

Our team is composed of the most talented and hard-working mechanics. We aim to build relationship between you and your car. So take a good care of it, you reckless bastard. 

A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve desired ends. You have ideas, goals, and dreams. We have a culturally diverse, forward thinking team looking for talent like you.


100% Guaranteed to have a working vehicle by the end of the day. 


Here are some words of praise from our glorified customers. 

Client Photo
Elizabeth Sofia CEO

I got stuck on the road and you guys helped me fix my car. You're such a life-saver. I didn't have money on me but you still took care of it.

Client Photo
Jillian J. Dooley Old Man

I was driving my buggy down the road when it broke down. And damn, you guys scare the shit out of me.

Client Photo
Fred B. Walker Racist

I was watching 12 Year a Slave until my car got stolen. To my surprise, I found it in your shop. Great service!